Sko has been creating and deriving for many years on imvu, self taught texture making, She has an awesome IMVU Shop and Payhip Shop. Sko also has some stunning Homepage layouts, including my own. Please check out her Shop for texture packs and layouts, or even for custom work and pricing, you wont be disappointed.


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I started Creating on IMVU some 9 yrs ago, mostly deriving for many of those years, i was keen to learn meshing around 2014

but never got into it really. It wasn't until 2017 ( August ) i finally got my head in the game and with help from a good friend my 

meshing days started. It took a good year to learn and develop 

my skills. I wouldn't say i'm good good, i know some

awesome Mesher's out there, but i enjoy what i do, i love to help others and i have fun creating.


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Faye's Kids store, has some awesome child fits, bundles, rooms and more, certainly cute, she also has some mummy and me fits for both child and adult, including a full bridal fits for Bridesmaids, Brides, Grooms, Groomsmen, adult and kids in many colors, check out her IMVU Shop.


Saints IMVU Store has Derivable Funiture, rooms, bundles,clothing and hair along with accessories.

Check out his Store.


IU has been an IMVU University for many years now, it always strives to provide its students with first class tutoring, they

have many subjects to choose from. The Professors

are a friendly bunch and always very helpful, check

out their website or IMVU group using the buttons below.

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Here you can some images of Custom Mesh i have made.

KJR - Kickin Jamz Radio

Great people, excellent DJS, they not only host a 24 hr stream radio, but use popular djs live. They cater for events, parties, functions. Check them out using the button below.


To Purchase

 mesh please email me:

Include the name of the mesh you want and price. All payments

are via Paypal only.

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